Befestigungen auf Isolierung

When you’re working with insulation, consider our insulation fixing DHI. This product has been created in such a way that it can be used to fasten our Euro-Clip or even lights into the relevant plates. The fixing comes in different lengths depending on the thickness of the insulation you’re dealing with (up to 20cm).


Our key solution for conduit installation is the Euro-Clip solution. This unique product can be fastened, glued or twisted in order to hold conduits and can of course be anchored. These clips can be added to each other to save space regardless of side, size, or direction.

Befestigungen auf Kabeltrassen

We have a full range of fastenings for use in and on cable trays, the main product being our EDV Euro twist-on connector. It is mounted by twisting into the cable tray, after that you can click in Euro-clips to fit conduits. This product ensures there are no metallic or sharp edges in the cable tray to avoid damaging cables.

Bohr- und Montagehilfen

To ensure your job is completed quickly, efficiently and to a high standard, we offer a variety of drill and assembly aids. A product which most installers find useful is our LB Lance Drill which can be used on thin hollow block tiles and traditional tiles to achieve a clean bore, with no sliding or slipping of the drill bit.