New! The FC Flexi Clip for flexible conduit fastening on all surfaces.

With the FC and the well-proven ESD, the mounting of conduits without the need of using any tools is cheap, unbeatably fast and user-friendly.
For all surfaces on which the ESD cannot be used, the FC is simply fixer by a screw.

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Available now! Looking forward to your orders we wish you and your customers continued success with our time saving fastening technology.
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THE WORLD LEADER in time-saving fastening technology

Schnabl has been offering time-saving fastening technology around the world for over 30 years and are worldwide market leaders in the field of screwless fastening systems. See what we can do for…

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Solution 1


The MDSN metal pin for multiple attachment of fire-resistant single clamps and clamps according to DIN 4102-12.

Solution 2


The MND spreads, so no holding of the workpiece is necessary. This saves up to 15% working time during assembly according to DIN 4102-12.


At Schnabl, we are always researching and developing to ensure our products remain innovative and help make your tasks faster and more efficient.

Innovations with Schnabl products

SAVE 60%


Under the monitoring of TUV Austria, the time taken to install conduits was analysed on a construction site. The difference in installation time between Schnabl and the traditional method was significant.

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No anchors, no screws, just innovative fastening technology.

  • No anchors, no screws, just innovative fastening technology.
  • Fastening technology by schnabl
  • TÜV tested fastening technology
“A perfect combination of engineering and technology!”
Schnabl fastening technology for electrical installations

Steve McEcheran, Senior Electrical Technician, London Guild Electrical Contractors

No anchors, no screws

The basic principle of our technology is that our fastening elements can be inserted into a 6mm drill hole without a tool and with very little effort. Utilising a special design, the fastening elements are securely retained in place when under pressure and are able to withstand torque forces of up to 40kg.

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