• At Schnabl we are always researching and developing to ensure our products remain innovative and help make your tasks faster and more efficient.
  • Throughout the years, lots of different add-ons were created for the EC-clip (e.g. EDV, ESV, EKP, GTH, SGC) so that it can be mounted not only to walls but also to cable and basket trays, threaded rods or by adding a second layer to existing conduit lines. All without the need for any tool.
  • The TA and TB terrace bracket system holds a flexible number of conduits securely in 1, 2 or even 3 layers if needed and can still be re-opened if there’s a need to add lines later on.
  • The USA is self-affixing around a flexible conduit with a quick press and also holds the conduit alongside the line.
  • The C-fix and the PD are the Schnabl solutions for fixings on drywall. Only a hammer is needed for mounting, causing no or, compared to traditional products, minimal damage to the surface.
  • The MDSN is a further innovation (nominated for the Electrical Industry Innovation Award 2015) and makes it possible to apply the ‘Drill. Fasten. Finish.’ principle to fire-proof installations too. Find out more below.

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A solution to the latest electrical wiring regulations

Schnabl is the first company corresponding to the standards. Our MDSN received the General Approval of the German Institute for Building Technology and used for multiple use of fire resistant single clamps, cable clamps and holders in accordance with DIN 4102-12. The nail is distinguished by its construction for the energy and time-saving assembly of individual clamps, cable clamps and holders of metal and hold a weight of 4 kg up to 120 minutes at 1030 °C.

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