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Only the original is awesome.

The history of Schnabl innovations


1970 years of apprenticeship

Ludwig Schnabl works in the field for Hilti. He observes how much effort the electrician in fastening with conventional Have screws, dowels or plaster of paris.

1979 Schnabl's first patent

1979 The first patent

Ludwig Schnabl receives his first patent.


1984 Revolutionary ideas

1984 Revolutionary ideas

The revolutionary Schnabl dowel with its characteristic eccentric Teeth is invented and patented - the birth of the Schnabl principle: drilling. stuck. done.


1990 next level

1990 Next Level

The Euro-Clip EC together with the Euro push-in dowel ESD is invented and brings the Schnabl system to a new level: It won't just be possible to fix several lines with only one drill hole, but also to adjust the clips after they have been attached. All without the use of tools.

1994 Cable laying

1994 ideas for laying the cables

With the SH collective holder, electricians can manage up to 30 cables with just one Fasten the borehole. The SH contains the fastening element and can be used with "Thumb pressure" can be mounted. The unique locking mechanism makes it easy to open it from below even when it is installed and easy to close again. As with most Schnabl products Here, too, there is a possibility of adding the Euro clip clamps for attachment of a pipe - without having to drill a new hole.

1997 DHI insulation holder

1997 important innovation

With the DHI insulation holder, an important innovation follows in the field of Assembly of electrical equipment, electrics or switch boxes on insulated ceilings and walls.


2010 special solutions

2010 special solutions

With the help of the EC Euro clip and the EDP Euro twist lock for the elongated hole or the ESV Euro plug lock for the round hole is the pipe laying child's play on grid lines. For attaching junction boxes the combination with the SDC Schnabl can clip is sufficient. You need no tools!

2011 Products for shooting devices

2011 Products for shooting devices

Perfect and quick laying of several cables directly on the ceiling the gun. Due to the internal tension of the newly developed KBS is the permanent fixation of the cables - even with high temperature fluctuations - guaranteed. The KBS is attached to the Hilti, Spit and Würth adapted.

2012 Thread clip

2012 new ideas

The new SGC not only enables lines to be routed in parallel the threaded rod, but is now also suitable for 90 degree transverse laying suitable.

2015 Products for function maintenance

2015 Products for function maintenance

The patented fastening solution for maintaining functionality. The MDSN Metal dowel fastening nail is the solution for the assembly of fire-resistant Single clamps and collective holders according to DIN 4102-12. You need but one Drill no additional tool. Another highlight for the The MND Ceiling nail with the setting tool maintains its function. He can be installed easily and quickly - especially for ceiling installation is that an invaluable advantage!

2017 further developments

2017 further developments

For laying pipes on concrete walls and ceilings using a gun suitable for the SC shot clip. The KBS and SC are at the guns adapted by Hilti, Spit and Würth.

The wide range of possible uses of the products is reflected in the newly developed FC Flexi-Clip. In combination with other Schnabl products the FC Flexi-Clip can be used on concrete, bricks, cable trays, steel, insulation, Plasterboard and attached to wood.

2017 Concealed cover

2018 news for flush mounting

A novelty in the area of flush mounting is the UPD universal Plastered lid which, thanks to its special design, ensures quick and safe Finding flush-mounted boxes enables. Time-consuming reworking of There is no need for broken plaster parts when using UPD, core drill and spring puller.