The clever fastening technology for the functional integrity.

Schnabl has the solution for the assembly of fire-resistant single clamps, Cable straps and collective holders according to DIN 4102-12. The Schnabl fastening technology fulfills all requirements for functional maintenance. You can see exact information in the video.

according to DIN 4102-12
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Schnabl offers solutions for DIN 4102-12.

Schnabl has the solution for the assembly of fire-resistant single clamps, cable clamps and collective holders According to DIN 4102-12 and wherever plastic-free fastening is required.

MDSN metal pin

A very good clamping effect is achieved due to the special shape of the expansion body and the head. For the assembly no dowels, no screws and no other tools are necessary.

Product benefits

  •   60% working time savings.
  •   Made of stainless steel.
  •   Tested for fire resistance F30 to F120.
  •   Suitable for all clamps, cable clamps and collective holders tested according to DIN 4102-12.
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MND nail anchor

The MND 6-45 is suitable for fastening all electrical equipment including fire-resistant single clamps, Cable clamps, collective holders, etc., according to DIN 4102-12, but also for all other attachments up to a material thickness of 5 mm. The MND nail plug expands, so it is not necessary to hold the workpiece. That saves up to 15% Assembly time.

Product benefits

  •  Little drilling effort: only 6 mm diameter.
  •  Large head - easy impact assembly with a hammer or setting tool.
  •  Shallow drill hole depth.
  •  Re-spreading over the cone and clasp.
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Schnabl fastening systems offer many ad­vantages

60% working time savings with Schnabl products

Multiple installation performance:
just drilling and plugging

TÜV tested plastics technology

Tested by KEMA, TÜV and the Institute for Plastics Technology

up to 40 kg pull-out force

Extraction forces
up to 40 kg

Temperature range down to -20 degrees

Temperature range
down to -20°

Temperature range up to + 85 degrees

Temperature range
up to +85°

960 degrees glow wire tested

960 ° glow wire tested on request

UV stabilized

UV stabilized and halogen-free

Products for the functional integrity

Area Sales Manager Nord, Carsten Rothe

Schnabl has the most sophisticated fastening system and, as a technology leader, is the standard for forward-thinking electrical installers worldwide.

Carsten Rothe, Area Sales Manager North